How Do I Get Over a Breakup?

I've recently broken up with someone I've been with for 1 and a half years now, and I find that despite how shitty he used to treat me, that fact hasn't really been enough to help me cope with it. I find that I still obsessively wonder if he's currently in bed with someone else and stuff and it's been super hard for me to function on a daily basis. Are there any suggestions on how to deal with a breakup with the least amount of pain? (I haven't gone through many breakups since i tend to avoid relationships..)


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  • Work hard and do what give you a pleasure! Talk with friedns about your fillings, its help a lot when you don't keep it in your mind, express and be happy! Make other friendships, travel, read books and start to do what you always wanted to do but you had fear or no time/money. Just move foward, learn new things, talk about different idieas ;)

  • It takes ages to get over a relationship. Sounds like your better off out of it and someday you'll see that.


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