I feel like I don't even have a girlfriend?

It's like if I why were just a friend or some one else...
  • Should I break up?
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  • Should I give it some time?
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  • How long did you have a crush on this girl before getting in a relationship? Or how long did you like her before making it official? I get the impression it was mostly hormones and at this point, now that they've worn off you have next to nothing keeping the relationship together =/ At this point it's a matter of whether you like her enough to actively try and make it a good relationship, or not. For future reference, if you think you might be interested in a girl, start by being friends and see if you really like her or not before getting in a relationship and letting hormones take over. The hormone overload that makes you fall head over heals for a person lasts for about a year give or take a couple months. Make sure you don't get too close too quickly and you'll do a lot better in the long run. :)

    • Well I've had a crush on her for like a couple of months. We've been friends for like 1 or 2 years. We actually talked it out. And she said she'll try to give me attention...

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    • My pleasure man, happy to help however I can. Thank for the mho by the way.

    • No prob!

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  • Break up.

  • Just break up then


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  • if it's a new relationship (less than 6 months to a year), then give it time. if it's a relationship that's been going on for a year or more, then break up because it's not worth it then


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