I got played. How to get over heartbreak?

This guy thats not good for me latley. He hasn't been wanting to hang out latley and he takes hours to reply. doesn't text me first and i felt maybe he was losing interest

He doesn't have a steady job so 8 thought mayne its finally getting to him? He wae still going out and partying tho and he's got back on tinder.. cheated on his ex girlfriend with me and then broke up with her showed a lot of intrest then i seen signs of him being sketchy so i ended it. He went back with her ex. While that was happening i found out he was with some other girls while he was with his ex. But as awful as this sounds i didn't cwre cuz he wasn't with me. We patched things up and he broke up or told me he broke up woth her again. Told me he just got out oc a relationship and wanted to get his shit together. Then again aftwr a couple months lost intrest again. After i felll hard... and thats when he started acting like this. His ex girlfriend posted something lovey dovey on his wall so either they never broke up or he was seeing her and me at the same time which is the same thing. I just seen him the day before. And i asked him if i was the only one he said yes. I blocked him on everything and im ready to start healing but i just wanna know what the fuck is wrong with him why bounce between two girls? Im done with his games tho. Just wonderung and what do u think he will think wjen he realizes i blocked him off everything.. please dont judge me. I was played here just as much as his ex the difference is she's been letting him do this for far longer then i put up with it


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  • Tubs and tubs of ice cream


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  • just watch telly and play some bad breakup music. Do everything that makes you feel better and forget about this douche


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