He's going through a divorce. Does he really care about Me?

me and this guy met about 4 years ago and going out and had sexual encounters here and there. It was bad timing for both of us though. He was fresh out of a long relationship and I was moving away for work.
Fast forward a year and he's engaged/ married and I'm in a serious relationship. But we still talk as friends. I come home often and we get together and talk about our relationships and vent to each other. Really good friendship. Wellll it escalated to inappropriate topic and conversations. Like talking ab how unhappy we were in our current relationships and how we really liked each other (7 on a scale of 1-10) and how we wondered what it would be like to be together blah blah. Well we also began sexting. Never physical. Just verbal. Well now I'm out of my relationship and he's going through a divorce.
So now all of a sudden he wants to be good and guarded. He won't tell me he misses me or any emotion like he used to. I know the divorce is Hard for him and I been trying to be a friend and support him bit it's getting harder.
I've gotten upset and tried to stop talking to him but he won't let me go. He keeps messaging me.
So my question is; do y'all think he ever really cared and had feelings for me or was he just using Me? If so why keep me around? We don't sext any more but he messages me 1st every day. I don't want to be pushy but at the same time I don't want to wait on someone that's just going to hurt me. AM I just a friend he uses when he needs? Or does he really have feelings?
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please dont judge me I am well aware that I allowed a bad thing to happen and i was wrong. I'm not proud. it doesn't change the fact that i have feelings for him. I was worried it was all lust and he didn't mean anything he said so i asked him. He said he didn't want to get involved with emotions and feelings right now. But told me it wasn't lust. That feelings were involved. Now my question is, if feelings were involved, does he not want to talk ab it because he's not divorced yet? I'm confused :(
He's going through a divorce. Does he really care about Me?
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