Living with an ex, what do?

Hey folks. So I'm a college student living with several friends, one of which is my ex. Its been a while, but I'm still not over her. Now here's the kicker. One of my other housemates has recently got together with her. What do I do?
I feel like the best option is moving out, but that would put me in quite a rough spot in terms of other friendships. How do I go about getting over this?


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  • Well, you two aren't together so it's really none of your business. Considering you're in your peak mating age, have you tried dating someone new? That would seem to be the most obvious thing to do.

    • I guess I'm just miffed since we broke up in the first place for the sake of everyone in the house. He knows full well how I feel and disregarded that despite preaching to me about thinking about everyone in the house.

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