Girlfriend not really talking to me anymore?

we have been dating for a little over a month. she used to text me constantly and want to hangout but now if I text her ill be lucky to get a response back in a hour and anytime I ask if she wants to hangout she gives me a excuse we haven't hung out in 2 weeks. and she's talking to another guy she met on the internet but he doesn't even live in the same state as us? but she seems to be talking to him more than she talks to me she even posted a conversation they had on her blog knowing I follow it. When we first started going out she was telling other dudes she loves them, one guy even said he would kill me and she told him she loved him. she doesn't even tell me she loves me. when I asked her about it she got mad and said she didn't want a boyfriend and I wasn't mean about it I just ask if she like me or not since she was talking to all these other guys and she even posted pics of her in her underwear she didn't even show me the pics not that I wanted to see them but if I'm her "boyfriend" why is she showing other guys that and not me? so she said she didn't want a boyfriend and I was like thank you for telling me instead of leading me on. she never removed our relationship status on FB though and she kept texting me even though we broke up and then a week later she randomly texted me at night and said she missed me and she didn't know why she wanted a break or this and that, so we got back together but she's still talking to that other guy. I really am just confused if she likes me so much whys she talking to other guys and doesn't talk to me or want to hangout? (but when we do text its not about anything its kinda inside joke and when I do try to actually talk to her she doesn't talk) ( she is really shy though like really bad)


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  • wow... I seriously feel bad for you.. like no lie... worst part for me reading this? I did something simmilar to this recently and feel like sh*t because of it... Here look.. I started going out with my best friends ex.. bad idea right? well we couldn't help it... we are just so much alike and its honest to god like we're perfect for each other. well, we never got to hang out though. like at all. and my best friend didn't want me even talking to him, much less dating him... well, this caused me to break up with him... it hurt him and he told me later he cried a lil... it hurt me to, don't get me wrong... hurt me and I realized I wanted him in my life more than even I thought.. so I called and talked to him and he took me back... he was so nice about it, he was like well its only been a couple hours and your never actually even said the words its over, so itll be like it never happened... welll we were good again... then stupid me had second thoughts and ended it again... well back and forth gets old and I didn't wanna hurt him again so he gave me a day to think it through and I still wanted him back so we got together Again... we really really liked eachother... ALOT.. like close to saying love alot... and then I f***ed up again...

    my best friend used my phone to text him apparently and telling him how over it was and how I don't even like him and all sorts of stuff, pretending to be me... well, seeing as me and her text and talk COMPLETELY different, he caught on it was her.. so he didn't hold me responsible, but I was too ashamed of that to even talk to him the next day... well then I lost my phone so I couldn't answer even if he did call... I just found it today, but I know if I try to talk to him... I know he thinks I was just playing games with him now, so if I text or call him its just gonna make it harder for him to trust whatever I say to him... I don't know whether its better to leave it alone or not, seeing as he is my bff's ex...

    My point being, sorry for getting sidetracked lol... but anyways, your girl, she's just gonna end up hurting you even more. your best bet? find someone NEW.

    • Yeah that's sounds a lot like what's going on. (except I'm her first boyfriend) but her friends tell me how much she likes me and stuff like that. but the strange part to me is thought is that the guys she talks to don't like in our state or anywhere remotely close to us that's what makes this so random haha

    • Look.... you answered your own questions... HER friends tell you she likes you..... the guys SHE talks to.... as in their her friends before yours..... just trust me.. sit for a little bit by yourself.. and figure out what your GUT is telling you... not your heart, your head, etc.... but inside in the deepest part of you.. weigh each option.. and if you feel something iffy about a choice, then there's a reason for that.

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  • man... just reading half of this the alarms in my head are going off... get rid of her, and get far away.. this chick sounds like trouble. too much drama.. I hate drama chicks. obviously she doesn't care that much about you if she's treating you like that. jumping from guy to guy. Don't let her use you like this.. you're better than that. How do I know this? Well for one, you actually care about your guys' relationship, where as she doesnt. you actually Care about her opinions and what she's doing with other guys.. I'm sure if you were talking to other girls, she'd care. but only because she wasn't getting all of the attention anymore.

    dump her. and loose contact.

    she'll whine for acouple days.. but after that she's gonna move on fasst..dont cave in either, she'll prey on that. just be like no, were done. kbye I got better stuff to do, and don't text or message her anymore. you'll appretiate it :)


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  • Dude, this girl doesn't really like you. She probably never did. I know plenty of girls like this. She's just using you for the attention you give her. If you're any smart, you'll leave her and go find someone who is actually worth your time, because she sure as hell isn't.

    Here are the signs that she doesn't like you:

    -you two haven't been going out for that long

    -she takes forever to respond to your replies

    -she never messages you first

    -she talks to a bunch of other guys a lot more than she talks to you

    -she doesn't show you she cares in any way. For example, she doesn't try surprising you, or making you smile, or asking you how you are.

    Just go, dude. Get over her, find someone who values you and who isn't going to take you for granted by pretending you don't exist half of the time. Also remember this isn't your fault. It's nothing that you did wrong. She just doesn't like you that's all and the worst you can do is to continue caring about her. She's just going to keep on using the attention that you give her because that's what girls live off of.


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