He begged me to take him back whilst I was with someone else. I gave him a second chance... now he's just ended it. Im heartbroken. Am I a fool?

My ex and I were together for 2 years and broke Christmas 2014. He told me we didn't love each other anymore and he didn't see a future. In April 2015 I met someone else. In October 2015 my ex moved back home and text me telling me he still loved me and please give him a second chance. He knows he's been an idiot. The things he said to me were heart wrenching. But I didn't. I just thought he was doing it because he wanted something he couldn't have. I couldn't deny I still loved him but I didn't let myself give in. In February this year though after months of going back and to I knew I still loved him and I had to end the relationship with the new guy. I got I contact with my ex, he was seeing someone and instantly dropped them for me. He cried over the phone that I'd told him I wanted him back and he was so affectionate and attentive I had never known anything like it. He was a completely different person. Taking about the future and babies and marriage! He even looked at rings with me. Then randomly the other night when he was driving home he just called me to tell me we needed to split up, we had nothing in common and we aren't compatible. He said he adores me and really loves me but love isn't enough and it's never going to work long term. And I haven't heard from him since.

i am utterly heartbroken. I gave everything up for him. I gave him a second chance when everybody told me not to. I planned future with him. He told me there was no way he was ever letting me go again and he can't believe how stupid he was to do it the first time. I just feel like such a fool :( im left alone again for a second time :(


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  • That's just one of life lessons.
    dust yourself down and move on with your head held high
    you've done nothing wrong and even though your friends and family told you not too they will still be there to support you.
    you will meet someone better soon enough and look back on this as a lucky escape


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  • sometimes a ex is a ex for a reason. Take it easy and realize you gave him every chance and he blew it. You will definitely know for sure if he tries it again with you


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  • you are only a fool if you dont learn from it. i dont mean never trust a man again but hopefully you learned to recognise the signs and to be slightly more cautious

  • lesson learned, u made a mistake, gotta move on


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