How can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating?

I work 9-5 everyday and I don't talk to him much well I'm at work. but he always goes to the gym and at nights when I go with him and girls flirt with him he always tells me not to say anything to them and gets very protective that I don't do anything but he doesn't worry about my feelings or that I worry. He only worries about me not confronting them. What are some signs I should look for?


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  • So you think he's cheating on you because other girls are flirting with him? That's the only reason?


What Girls Said 1

  • if you get super curious... just ask friends to watch out for you... if you have mutual friends. If they tell you they saw him with some other girl... then believe them. they're your close friends. if you smell some ting funny on him, see a new item around him (new shirt, new jewelry etc), ask where he got it from... if it's iffy his explainatin then... you should be iffy about the guy. gee... if he won't answer some of your personal questions like, where've you been on this time last night? and he doesn't give a good alibi... then you know... plus ask his friends about him if you are close to them too. good luck

    • Well we live together and he's a natural flirt. but sometimes I get worried he's gonna take it too far. that's what happened in my last relationship and I freak myself out thinking its gonna happen again

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