She broke up but keeps texting me intensely.. and idea?

Met this girl online, we both were going through a break up and there was an immediate spark between us

She lived far and We spoke everyday for hours using text/phone. We got to the point of sexting/nude pics.

2months later and almost 2 days after I booked a flight to meet her she started changing. I asked her about it she said she is stressed out about how bad work is and about her exams. She also told me that she tends to become mean to people once she is under stress and she still has feelings for me

For the next month our relation kept going up & down, she asked me to cut my visit short cause she can't afford to see me for 4 days which will take out of her study time. during this time i got kinda clingy and I told her that I think I love her

a week before my visit I did something childish. I asked a friend to check if she put me in a limited profile on FB. I apologized and was truly honest. she agreed that she won't break up until we meet up

On day one of my visit she was cold yet friendly. she told me she forgives me but can't continue the relation cause she learnt not to give 2nd chances. She said can't afford the stress of a relation but she still likes me. She also went into a panic attack in public

The next day i didn't open the subject with her. we went out together and had lots of fun we really connected! We went back to my hotel room to chat, & ended up having sex. She kissed me goodbye and wished me a safe trip. later that night she sent me a text saying we shouldn't have slept together cause it can lead to other things (getting back together).

I went back home and she kept texting me in the same amount she used to before we broke up minus the affection. I decided to play the ignore her/be cold card.
She asked me if I'm not answering cause I need space to which I casually said "nah Im cool, if I need space I'll let you know"

Im still playing the ignore/be cold card although I still message her randomly sometimes in a friendly manner.

Any ideas?


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  • Well you need to tell this girl to make her mind up. Clearly she doesn't know what the f she wants.

    She seems to like you only when you are not available and that's playing mind games.

  • Stop being a dick, both of you

    • Meaning?

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    • Oh I did!! A lot!! I sent her an email telling her that I'm ready to wait for her until she finishes exams.. told her how much she meant to me and how strongly I feel towards her.. she said she likes me but can't afford a relationship now!!

    • Then you have no choice, but to respect that.

  • Ignore her

    • Ignore her as in forget about her? Or ignore her to make her chase me?

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