Why did he leave our 5 year Relationship. Will he miss me. Will he come back?

We were both 15/16 when we met. we developed strong feelings at a young at. We had just reached our 5 year relationship in June of 2017 and we went to Melbourne and everything was amazing, he told me he loved me everyday. He was honestly the best boyfriend I could have asked for and he seemed extremely happy to be with me, everything was perfect. we were honestly just best friends and did everything together.
Until he went traveling overseas about 2 weeks later.
While he was gone he started telling me he was confused about our relationship, that we "were young when we dated" and that he doesn't want to feel held back and wants to travel more and experience more things in life. I was guttered and cried and begged him not to do this while he was overseas. He also said he didn't like when I would get upset when he went out with friends, or wanted to do his own thing, I know I depended on him for a lot of emotional support.
His confusion went on for about 2 weeks until he decided to break it off
I know we were young, and I know he wants to experience life because that's all he tells me is "I just want this for myself, I don't want a realtionship right now, I want you to move on from me and I'm not coming back"
that kills me and im being told to move on from him, family and friends. I wonder if he will want me again, as I gave him my whole heart and soul. we made so many memories together.. I'm just so lost right now and I feel he is breezing this through this break up so easy while I'm in pieces.
He is still currently overseas, when he comes back from holiday mode and back to the reality of work and normal daily life will he feel bad for letting me go? will he regret leaving me? will he at least feel some type of pain as I feel he isn't going through as hard of time as me? Will he even miss me

Is there any guys out there that went through the same thing, did you go back to your girlfriend and missed being in a relo or simply just loved the freedom and never went back?
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  • Don't give up on him just yet. Sometimes people do stupid things. I recently pissed off a girl who I liked a lot and who really liked me, and I'm not giving up on her until I've tried absolutely everything, because if you think a person is worth it, that's what you should do. Try to get him back in every way you can. I think he'll regret his decision. Maybe try to make him jealous

    • I've tried everything, I've messaged, he doesn't reply. he keeps telling my friends to not message him and to leave him alone. And that hurts. I feel he wants to completely forget about me. And it's so hard cause I care about him so much.

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    • That's true. He wants no contact.. so I won't message and I'm gonna have fun.

    • Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing right now. If you find someone better, good for you, and if he comes back, that's also good. If you just act needy and badger him with messages he'll think you're totally devoted to him unconditionally and that his actions have no consequences, and he'll feel no pressing need to come back to you, so make him realize that you're an attractive woman with options who can just as easily replace him. He'll come running, I bet.

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  • Kinda. But it was 3 years and he came back by himself again. He just can't forget me. He always regret leaving me. Our relationship is immposible we are LDR


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