Spying on ex's social media - since my breakup I can't stop from monitoring?

And I don't know why, I wonder what im feeling at the time when i see his pictures and stories and get to know he already with another girl. And I don't think I want him back, but why I can't stop myself from wanted to know about him? I keep on want to know what his life going on.
Anyone know why? Anyone have experiences like this? Any way to get out of this?


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  • that is perfectly normal, but you have to realize its not doing any good to you and stop it. i broke up with my 4 year long girlfriend last year, and i think only watched her social media once. i learnt the lesson from a previous relationship, is hard, but less painful.

    • For that point, you're right. The more I know the more I get hurt. And I try to date another guy so. But seem like it only make me miss my ex even more.
      If you don't mind can I ask something? How long it take for you to move on from your 4 years girlfriend?

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    • both times i did date another girl, it does help to overcome the loleniless, i'd certainly recommend it. (but try to be fair with that person too and not use him/her! in both cases these girls knew about my situation and wasn't "long relationships" but kinda more informal)

    • @dmbvb you're really helpful. I really appreciate all your comment. Like serious. Well, for currently I also date another guy in order to help me moving on and stop me from sleepless at night. But I feel like, the more I try to love the new guy the more I miss my ex. Do you feel the same?

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  • I did the same for a long time and it only hurt me seeing it but I was so eager to know and see

    • And till this day I don't know why I did it but we are back together so that's a plus!!

    • We have the same situation. Same for me I was so eager to know about my ex too. No matter how hard I tries to stop myself, to calm myself it seem doesn't work at all. More painful, I see myself like a fool, that the more I know the more I get hurt!

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