How to get over a crush?

I like a boy but he doesn't like me back i think bc i don't talk to him... he just stare at me and i can't just stay all my life like this, he knows that i like him, how to get over him, i don't want an easy way i want a way, bc i can't stop, i think is an obsession... and i dont know what to do... help me


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  • try to look at him differently, like he's just some normal dude like the others with nothing special. What attract you?

    • the way he is, the way he walks, the way he talks... i send him a message bc is a cute boy he respond me and we talked and he seemed to like me but i don't think like that anymore.. but i don't know why i can't move on

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    • no i don't like... i hate them but sometimes it happens

    • and when it happens that sometimes things take control over you what do you do to take control back?

  • It'll go away with time. Bad news is it might take long. In my case it took me 2 years to get over a girl and that was because I found a new girl. Just cheer up.

    • oh i guess i should wait but my heart breaks when i hear that he has a girlfriend or talks to another girls.. i think that i m not enough

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