How do I get over him?

We were friends for few years. He decided we should be best friends. I'm agnostic and he's christian but that was never a problem. He made me watch his christian video. No biggie. He also betrayed his faith by fucking women knowing (he told me) it was against his faith.

He once told me hed never fucking date me after i simply said i didn't pray due to truama i experienced. I never got over this.

One day I decided to show him a video over my beliefs. He started a religious debate which i really didn't want and then threw a bitch fit when i called him out on using biased data in a debate. And now we aren't friends... I just wanna get over it so i can move on with my life.


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  • Everything takes time, it seemed like you were good friends, and that is not always easy to get over.. So it is okay to be sad, I think you need to think of yourself, focus on what makes you happy and do what you want to do. Maybe get a new hobby or something like that, and be happy and appreciate the good times you had with him. Let it be a good memory

    • I've been having lots of anger built up. I just dont want it to get worse

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    • That seems like a good way, maybe find someone you can talk with?

    • I will thanks

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  • Nice story you should write a book.
    Might help u to get over it


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