Ex doesn't want a relationship. Long Story but what should I do?

So long story short. she had another boyfriend. I broke up with her and she says that she would leave him for me but then changes it to I don't want a relationship.

what should I do?

Long story

So recently I have found out that my new girlfriend of 2 weeks had another boyfriend. this was the guy she told me who she lived alone togther with in North Carolina. she told me he cheated on her with a stripper and then she said she broke up with him.

I found out by her adding my friend on a facebook i did not know she had. it had a relationship.

to skip ahead we were going to work on my trust with her. she says she was going to pick me over him but then she changed it to. I don't want a relationship.

after i told her I didn't want one.

should I move one? keep trying? or what?


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  • Then move on


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