Taking a break in a long distance relationship?

So I've been in a long distance relationship for a few months now, we've known each other for two years. We talked everyday up until a few days ago. I suggested taking a break, even though I didn't want to and he agreed to it. He promised me we would get back together but I'm really upset and confused because I know taking a break usually means breaking up. I'm wondering if I should just be blunt and ask him if he wants an actual break up instead of me just sitting here wondering what's going to happen, or wait it out and ask him if we are okay in a few weeks


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  • You are the one who suggested taking a break so you need to be asking yourself do you want to break up with him or not... don't put it on him when it was your idea...

    • I know. I suggested it but said I didn't want to. It would not have happened if he didn't want to take a break.

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    • You need to let him know that then! Make sure he knows...

    • Yes I told him to let me know when he's ready to talk again. Thank you for the advice

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  • A break in a long distance relationship is another word for break up.

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