Would you still remember the touch of your ex?

  • No, once I forget him/her... I forget everything
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  • Yes, I remember how he/she used to touch me intimately
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  • Yes, even when I'm intimate with my new partner I remember his/her touch
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  • I remember him/her but not their touch
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What Guys Said 2

  • I even remember the scent of the women's who were really special to me. There are three of them I could identify blindfolded simply by the scent of their skin, not their perfume.

    • wow that's interesting... i don't even know if I have a scent of skin.

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    • I guess you're referring to pheromones. I seriously can't smell them or feel them. .. may be at some point I could tell his scent, but definitely not now.

    • I remember my 2nd wife's scent and the scent of two women I dated. Maybe I remember their scent as they did have a very pleasing scent about them and I remember when hugging them I would smell the skin on the back side of their neck.

  • I'm single 😁


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't remember the touch, but I do remember him


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