What the? Can anyone help me understand what his latest message means?

My exbf and I b/u 1 year ago. He's had a girlfriend for several months.

I began dating a guy 3 months ago and things are really going great between us. We aren't FB official, but we do tag eachother in our pics many of which we are together cheek to cheek :).

My ex sent me a messsge a couple weeks ago asking if this is my new man, to which I said yes. He replied with a smiley emoji.

And then this morning at 9 am, he sent a mesaasage that said:

"your boyfriend looks like a F-ing Geek. There. I finally said it. I mean, what's his line, is it: 'Hello, my name is a Steve. I like aliens and skulls as you can see by my clothes. I cut the cheese a lot. And I love Chicago even though I can't afford to live there without my roommate'. Ugggh. You can keep that. I'm blocking you so I don't have to see your geeky boyfriend. Take care"

^ he is basing his judgement on Steve because he clearly looked at his pictures and figured out he liked skulks and has a roommate. No idea where the "cut the cheese" comment came from. Is my ex bitter? Or is this behavior a guy thing? I read it to a guy friend and he thinks it's hilarious.


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  • no need to bother yourself with his reply lol. You b/u with him so nothing matters coming from him

    • Actually he was the one who dumped me. And it's been 14 months. This is why I don't understand the bitterness.

    • you DON'T NEED to understand ANYTHING. The guy moved out of your life so the guy is considered like eveeyone else in this planet: A total stranger. And total strangers are ignored.

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  • Basically he's not happy your happy

    • Yeah maybe this is it. I never considered that.

    • Yeh guys are weird wired. He's deliberately trying to find fault to bring you down. More games they play

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  • Damn ! I can taste the salt from his tears where I leave and I'm really far away. Don't give a shit about this jealous fucker ! ;)

  • Jealous!!

    • Yeah I guess. Although I will admit, my ex is physically more attractive than Steve and much more successful. So there isn't anything to really be jealous of. I know it sounds luge I still love my ex. I do not. I am falling in love with Steve. I wasn't attracted to him at first but he did grow on me :))

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