He hasn't given me my key back, can it mean anything?

Maybe I'm reading into too much and maybe I'm not. That's why I'm here, for honest advice. We had been seeing each other for a year. No cheating, not a lot of fights, we took care of each other. He didn't say I love you back, until the one year mark. He started pulling away, after he said it. I made the sound choice to leave him alone, every other day, reaching out.

Some drama went down, it wasn't my fault, a very vindictive individual that has bad blood with me, went out of her way, to cause problems. I tried to straighten it out, he was having none of it. He told me to leave him alone. He deleted his entire FB account, and signed up on POF with no picture, same screen name that he always uses and the weirdest part of all - he is stating his location, as my city. I have not heard from him, in almost 3 weeks. I've sent him one text and nothing else. I don't plan to contact him. He told me to leave him alone, so I'm going to. What's the deal, do you think he will show back up. He has disappeared like this before.


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  • sounds like commitment issues. maybe he's not the best person to have a serious relationship with


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