Breakup advice?

I was dating this guy for a month. (We're both Taurans) we got off on a bad start because we didn't take the time to get to know each other better. We jumped into it way too quick. And at first we was both happy. We fell in love with each other. Then i noticed that he wasn't showing me any attention and he wasn't showing any emotions. While I was away for 2 weeks he went to the club and I accused him of cheating. Which he said he wasn't. But then I started saying things to him that pushed him away. Last Tuesday he decided that he didn't want a relationship that he still had the urge to go out and party and hangout with his friends. He wanted us to still remain as friends. He did tell me that we would possibly get back together in the future. But now it's like we barely even talk. It's like he's lost interest in me. And I've asked him what did I do wrong for him to breakup with me and he said that I didn't do anything wrong. I have no idea what's going on here. I need help and some advice.


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  • Wow I just read what I had a month ago🤤zzz. It becomes very tiring especially if one person is making an effort. I knew that our whatever we had was fading. But I just kept letting it slide so he could say something. As I didn't want to say it's not working out. Hence why I am not on any social media atm and goal focused.😄

  • I think he didn't show much effort which, in my opinion, he's not interested anymore


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