What does it mean if your boyfriend says "I don't want to hurt you anymore?"?

Instead of fighting for the relationship, my ex told me this before we broke up. He also added that he will keep his distance. Do they sincerely mean it?


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  • maybe you always complain bout anything he does or he was just looking for an excuse to break up with you and hook up with another girl

    • He's actually already seeing someone after a month we broke up.

    • that's are some guys are they just give a girl stupid excuses that will make her wondering if she ever wronged him not knowing that he was tired of you or was trying to hookup with someone else

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  • I guess so, I mean if you're constantly arguing over something that is stupid or repetitive- the outcome is always the same and you both are angry, hurt or confused.


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  • no he just trying to make you regret and think about what he said and talk to him again

    • I don't think i am. We haven't talked in a month.

  • I'd go ahead and trust that it's over


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