He keeps trying to be friends even when we broke up and he doesn't want to get back together. we are miles apart so being friends isn't easy?

I broke up with my exboyfriend 6 months ago because he just didn't have time for me anymore and was too busy handling his own issues which I get because we were highschool seniors and uni admissions are stressful. I needed to detoxify so I blocked him on snapchat and left a message saying I needed time to heal which meant I needed space. Then after a month he messaged me asking how I am doing and we had a normal convo. Now every once in a while like a few weeks or a month he messages me asking how I am doing then disappears. I dont understand why he keeps asking how I am doing when there is nothing between us and we are going to unis in different countries so being friends is way too difficult. Someone please explain


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  • He could be having regrets about the break up, or trying to slavage a friendship from the relationship. It's definitely tough to be friends with your ex, so don't be afraid to just tell him that you'd rather not talk. One month isn't usually long enough to fully recover from a breakup.


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