Really confued 😞 please help?

i want to tell a girl how much she break me from inside after doing breakup but now she moved on with a guy she knows from 3 days very easily even after a long term relationship of 5 years. Now i want to know should i tell her how i m feeling or not. 😥


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  • Why bother? She moved on to another guy. Save your pride and leave her alone. Reaching out to her would only hurt you more and humiliate yourself.

    • worst feeling till date i still love and and seeing her going away from me 😞

What Guys Said 2

  • Bro this is a very very simple thing.
    Trust me Ur feeling confused bcoz u still cares about her. But see not everyone has the same emotional contact. You have to understand that first.
    Secondly, you just need to confront her directly and say what ever in your heart without hesitation. It's the only way. Don't care about how she reacts or something else.
    Right now the important thing is how you reacts from inside.
    Let go off that burden.
    Wish u luck, take care.

    • thanks but she is having a new guy then also should i say whatever i feels?

    • Ofcourse, regardless what ever the scenario is. You should show your feelings.
      Don't expect something in return. The motive here is to let go of the burden. So that you'll never have any regrets whatsoever.
      Just don't say or do anything harmful alright.

      Write down ur script. Make sure it's effective.

    • ok i will do the same thanks bro

  • Let her go

    • how do i overcome this feeling

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