What do my ex boyfriend's texts mean?

So my boyfriend of almost 3 years and I broke up a little over a week ago. It was mutual, we just needed space...but I really miss him a lot and I realize how much I love him. Anyway...I didn't talk to him at all and I had told him I didn't want him to talk to me either but out of the blue a week after our break he texted me! My heart was beating so fast.

he said: "i am really sorry for texting you I just wanted to say this is really hard and I think about you a lot " I responded and he went on to ask if I hated him! I said no I could never hate him and not to think that. I asked how he was doing. he said; "I could never hate you either really. Its different without you" then he went on to say he's been working and training for track and asked how I was doing. I responded and he responded back with "time goes slower without you and I'm happy to hear you're doing well"...

Then he had to go to work so I said 'i hope work goes well bye.' and he responded, 'same here thanks'

So I thought that was the end of it but later that night like at 11:30 when I was already getting to sleep he texted me 'goodnight (my name)'. So I'm really confused! Does he just wanna be friends? or does he wanna give us another shot? because I really want him back but I don't want talk to him and freak him out. Thanks for your opinions! Also we are both 20 if that matters. Thanks again guys !:) Oh p.s! he used my name in his messages A LOT. I don't know if that means anything.
Should I try to contact him? and if so...how soon?...


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  • Sounds like he has opened the door to communication. Give it a day or two, and then contact him, as an excuse you could say you that you thought you would send a text in return and ask how you are doing and take it from there. You say initially that you didn't want to talk with him and here you are wanting to do the opposite. You did take charge of the situation but bare in mind why you broke up.

    I would deffo give it a day or two and then contact him and take it from there.

    Best of luck to you

    • I think I will do just that and thank you so much for your advice!

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  • It sounds like he wants to give things another shot to me. If it was the other way around and you were the guy getting messages from the girl I wouldn't be as sure, but coming from a guy my best guess would be he is testing the waters to see if you might give things a try again.

    • Thank you for responding! I think I will try to contact him

      Thanks again for your opinion :)

  • "i think about you a lot" - no guy thinks about a girl that is just a friend a lot, he may think about her, but not a lot

    "time goes slower without you" - you're fun to be with, time goes faster when people have fun, and you know how you look at the clock and it goes slower? well that's because you're bored, so he's bored without you.

    "goodnight (your name)" - the guy is proving that he can't stop thinking about you

    This guy totally wants to give it another shot with you. Talk to him and tell him that you miss him and you want to get back together! lol

    Good luck! :)

    • Thank you so much for taking your time out to help me out! I think I'm going to talk to him soon and thank you for the good luck :):)

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