Ex asks me out?

We broke up 2 months ago and I started it, it was mutual because he accepted it calmly. It seems that I have a more difficult time after break-up than him because he quickly likes another girl who I think he already likes even before we officially broke up. I just guess from seeing all the rumors their colleagues spreading on FB and his commenting and liking every single of her photos. But this 2 weeks he starts calling me to ask after me, and he even asks me out on a one-day-trip to the beach. What is going on?


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  • Oh girl, don't trust him. He may seem genuine and the break up is still fresh so you may be second guessing yourself, but it seems like he just wants to prove that you'll come back to him so he can be with his other girl on the side. One of my favorite true to life quotes "It's better to leave a mirror broken, then to hurt yourself trying to pick up the pieces." So its alright to talk to him just don't fall again.

  • Sounds like the guy is unsure of what he wants but also wants to spend some time with you since you have history together and there was no bad feelings between you two when you broke up. There may be nothing in it, just simply wants to keep some measure of friendship with you.


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