What's the right thing to do here?

After some hurtful discussion, Boyfriend text he is not angry. But need break from talking. (We talk daily).

I am am suppose to go see him tomorrow...

do I wait for him to contact me or okay for me to contact him?

I haven't respond to his text
messages since last night...

even though we talked about breakups and stuff, but we are not broken up...


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  • He wants a break. So give him what he asked for

    • i know he dropped me off to fly home. told me to call when i landed. i did... he said he will call later at night.

      he text saying he needs a break from talking... no one talk/call/text today...

      i am asking if i should call later tonight or wait for him to call...

      i have to drive 5 hours tomorrow to see him... i need to know the plans...

      so i am asking... when to contact him

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