Can silent treatment work with an ex?

I know how bad it sounds, but we had a good relationship together and it wasn't a long relationship but we got along well. We broke up suddenly out of nowhere because a guy said a few things about me and he broke up with me. I chased him at first and felt like I was pushing him further away, a week later he said he sorry and told me the reason we broke up and spoke to me about it. I tried chasing again and got ignored. He's liking all of my posts, still says he's in a relationship with me on Facebook, apparently telling people 'this guy is trying to flirt with us girlfriend (me)' then I received another message, I ignored, he sent another one, I ignored. Not to be rude but because I didn't want the drama any more.

He sent yet another one today saying he's sorry for hurting me but don't listen to anybody else, I haven't responded again because it will go round in circles. I do want him back though, is this a good method to do? I don't want to be rude but I'm just tired of the drama. What can I do?


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  • you must talk to him clearly


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  • It doesn't sound bad, it sounds just stupid. Why give mixed signals. TALK IT OUT

    • I've tried to, it just goes round in circles and I end up looking clingy and getting ignored. I really want to fix things but my way of being up front doesn't seem to be working unfortunately

    • If that doesn't work, you two might not even be compatible

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