Is it time for us to separate?

I feel like I'm dating a debt collector he makes financial decisions without me. I feel like what I do goes under appreciated. I feel what I do financially isn't appreciated. He'I'm always the one cleaning. I feel more like a roommate. You know most of my stuff is still packed up or in a drawer. I literally have barely hung anything up. This morning he just jumps up and asks you ready to wash clothes. I knew we were going today but damn I didn't know you wanted to go as soon as you hopped your ass out of bed. s always angry about something. We're not healthy for each other anymore because now I'm realizing this isn't how I want the rest of my life to be, and maybe he's like that cause I'm not the one for him?


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  • However there is another option. Perhaps you guys should try counseling to see where it goes. Because sometimes its just all in the mind. Regardless of the fact of the way he might be, maybe the relation's just needs a little guidance.

  • "We're not healthy for each other anymore..." you know the anwer to your own question. It's just easier to deal with the demon you know, so it's hard to leave... but is it worth staying?

    • Of course not but how do you just let something go that you've been invested in for 5 years. You see the ugliest of a person and the best. That's where I'm struggling. I see it, it's just separating my mind from my heart and letting it go.

    • Sometimes the investment just doesn't pay off. You dont have to hate it, you dont even have to stop loving it, but to continue to invest in something that no longer brings you warmth or joy or happiness is borderline ridiculous. Love is not one way, it's not easy by any means, but its not suppose to be an uphill fight with no support and no real vision of victory.

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  • hey hunny, you have said it all really there doesn't sound like there is anything positive here well not enough for you to mention so the question is why do you feel the need for security from others to make a move?

    • I guess for so long whenever in an argue meant he would turn it back on me. Now I question myself. I also don't do well with losing people.

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    • Yeah you're right. I know he hasn't had the best relationship with any woman in his life, and I feel bad about that as well.

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