Why is cheating always the answer?

Why is it that it's damn near impossible for me to get a good woman that won't cheat?


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  • Cheating is never the answer...

    • and you know I wouldn't be as upset as I am if she had just told me or even left me before fucking around.

    • I can imagine :/ I believe that when something is broken in a relationship, there are only two options: fix it, or end it. Cheating just creates more pain and anger for the one who has been cheated on

    • Yeah and I already fixed it once 5 years ago. I can't do it again. it's obvious she can't be faithful.

  • You keep looking in bars?

    • Lol no. just getting out a a 10 year relationship ended just like the rest of them. I feel like just giving up on the whole relationship thing all together.

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    • maybe you're right. I'll have to think about going.

    • and sorry for the late response, I was working...

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