Have you experienced getting back with your ex?

Is it less likely that we can find each other again when it ended almost a year ago..?

There's been a lot of drama...but I really want him back!


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  • I got back together with an ex after a year of being apart (still remaining friends though). And I wouldn't recomend it. I think you have to remember the reasons why you two broke up the first time. Right now you're attracted to him all over again, but you're overlooking the things that drove you mad when you last were together, or even if you remember them you're probably thinking he's changed or you've changed or it doesn't matter anymore. Yes, people change, but you've got to trust yourself that the reasons you ended things before were legit and that it's not a good idea to date him again. My original reason for ending things with my guy was because I wasn't ready for a serious relationship, and a year later I thought I was, but it turned out I wasn't. It was the exact same situation all over again, the same fights, the same reasons, the same pain, we were just slightly better able to articulate how we were feeling the second time around and got out of it quicker and cut all contact.

    It does depend on how you guys broke up. I've been talking about if you left him, but if he left you that's completely different. If he left you, what were his real reasons for doing that and are you sure he won't just do it again? Like I said, people change, but he'll probably come to re-realise his reasons for leaving the first time. Or if there was cheating or some other reason that caused you two to break up the first time, it could always happen again.

    It does come down to you though, and what you think is best. If he's 'the one', go for it. I'm just saying that if he was 'the one' things would have worked out the first time.



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