If you partner aged faster than you would you leave them?

Let's say they developed wrinkles at a uncommon young age etc.
I'm afraid to loose my boyfriend because I got severe wrinkles on my throat and start to get some at my forehead too although I'm only 18.


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  • My god no are you serious? If he left you because of wrinkles on your throat and forehead and looked older than your years, trust me you'd be much better off. Then you would know how shallow and immature he is.

    • He is everything but superficial and I know that but deep down I still fear it

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    • It's refreshing to see that some good-hearted guys are here on GaG! Thank you for your opinion it truly helped me to reflect my thinking! 😊

    • I'm glad, you have way too much going for you, don't lose sight of that by worrying needlessly.

  • I would never leave the person I love for something they can't control

    • What would you make fall out of love?

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    • I see. Thank you too for your opinion!

    • it was my pleasure

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