If a ex say they miss you, what's your response?

I broke up with my ex boyfriend last year and now he says he miss me. I found out he was living a double life while living with a girl. The girl and him met in 2015. He was going through a custody battle so before he met us both he just recently broke up with his baby mother. He moved in with her not even a month after he broke up with the babymama. The current girlfriend was with him through the custody battle and he won custody of both boys. After he won the custody battle, the current girlfriend got pregnant and just gave birth a few months ago. She had his son and now they getting married next year. I found out he has a dark past with drugs and living double lives. When she found out about me she stayed. I told my ex I'm glad I dodged a bullet. He was getting ready to marry his last baby mom before the custody battle. My ex boyfriend sister and the current girlfriend don't get along at all. I remember he kept trying to get me pregnant when we was together.


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  • give him a chance


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  • yeah men run away if they find out theyre becoming daddies. somr just do it a little later after the baby is born. he's a fuckface. he's seeing how far he can push you and he's going to run away from you again. you're right you dodged a bullet

    • I left him last year. He is legally still married to his first wife of 14 years. He uses so many aliases and identities. he seems to get with women, impregnate her, marry them the next year and wait until the child turns at least 1 or 2 years old, then file for divorce and custody. At the custody hearing he brings another woman there. He will tell you a horror story about his last babymom. He kept trying to get me pregnant. I dodged a damn bullet

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    • Lmaoooo!!

    • youl be okay and forever greatful

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  • In that situation id tell him to grow the fuck up and be a father to his kids, then id block him

  • If I still had feelings for my ex I would say it too


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