Why people left eachother without any strong reason?

i don't understand why people do that. Anyway what is your opinion?


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  • Absent a strong reason to stay is in itself a strong reason to leave.

    • if someone needs you and you left him/her.
      is this the right way?

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    • I don't. If a girl told you that she's just confused about how to tell you she found someone better for her.

    • after 3 years she realized that she is not happy with him how is that possible, i don't understand that..

What Guys Said 1

  • Sometimes they just feel in their heart something is off, something isn't right, just no spark or chemistry and so on. Some people get involved in relationships that aren't perfect, but not really anything significantly wrong either. Like maybe just too many small things. But they know someone else is better for them out there and they just want to move on.


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