I'm starting to think I should break up with my boyfriend, but don't know if I even have the right to anymore?

He's paid my rent for the past 3 months with the promise that I'd do it for him someday. We live together. We've gotten into fewer fights than I can count on my two hands in the span of a year. he's never strongly expressed any anger or violence. He's formed a strong emotional attachment to my cat.

He's an emotional drain when I'm being more successful than him at "adulting". He doesn't really stop when I say I need a break during sex and when he does he either gets distant or passive aggressive, but then he'll cry and/or blame me if I bring up concerns about it later. Sometimes he won't acknowledge me for a full hour and then when I pick up my phone to respond to a good male friend who lives 900 miles away and knows I have a boyfriend and whom I've told that I am happy with said boyfriend, he'll suddenly need to ask me a question or tell me something "cool" every 2 minutes and then get mad that I'm not paying enough attention to him. Everything I say has to relate back to a story about himself. He can be creepily paranoid, when he was texted by a number he didn't have saved he was convinced the only possible person it could be was an old co-worker of ours and friends with benefits of mine, whom neither of us had heard from in 9 months, because the texter called him "buddy" and "He's the only person who would call me buddy in text" despite the facts that I've heard 3 other co-workers call him "buddy". I can't talk to him about anything without him turning it on me and making all these points about the things I've done wrong. He almost never picks up after himself, after a dozen times of having to track down the caps to just about anything (milk, rubbing alcohol, condiments, etc) I jokingly say he must hate caps and say "baby, I love you, but you really need to Remember to put things back", he then says I'm the one doing it or complains that I put his hat away in he wrong place.

It's driving me crazy and I don't know what to do.


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  • He's not going to change unless he wants to. You either stick with him and endure or walk


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