So this is for ladys, what makes you break up? What was your strangest break up?

So I was 2 years in a relationship and after we went on a vacation we had a Silly fight in a restourant next morning we had makeup sex and all seamed fine. And when we got home everyone to his own. She kinda never returned my calls or wanted to talk to me after. That was my strangest break up. Share yours and what makes you girls break up?


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  • I've broken up over distance and clinginess, while one unofficial guy sort of just friendzoned me because he liked some other girl after trying to get with me, then my last boyfriend I broke up with was because he turned fucking psychotic.

    • What did he so you call him psycho? :)

    • Threatened to kill my sister and her dogs over her joking with him. Then going on to find my phone number after it had changed three times over the course of like 3 years.

    • wow thats Extreme

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  • My ex called me and the convo started normally cute. Then suddenly he started to pick on me. We started arguing and then he suddenly told me these exact words: I always told you I am never able to be in a relationship. Did you really buy that shit that I could?
    I told him farewell and hang up. Then blocked him everywhere.

  • I broke up with my ex for a day because he tried to buy me a really ugly outfit.

  • Not being appreciated or valued.

  • Cheating but got back together

    • you must really love him if you forgiven him :)

    • I do.. but trusting him isn't as it was before. But I can tell you that, I'm crazy for him.

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