Is she sending me mixed signals or does she want me back and want me to earn it? Need advice and opinions before asking to reconcile?

I broke up with my girlfriend about 5 months ago. We lived together for just about a year and it was great untill I got comfortable in the relationship and quit trying. I know that was a mistake I should have never made. We had a fight one night after everything that we had been dealing with finally come out and I left. We went through the whole no contact phase and after that we are almost like a couple again. Doing things that couples do spending time with each other and all that. She has even let me get close to her two girls again which she is very protective of. She comes over to see me when she gets time or I will go over to see her and the girls whenever I have time off of work or some free. Tell each other good morning and good night flirt with each other and even cuddle up to each other whenever we spend time together. I do love her and realized I have made a tremendous mistake by leaving and I have worked on myself every day since I left to be who I should've been all along. I do want her back and the way she's been acting and warming up towards me I think she might want to give it another try also but I'm just not sure if she does or not but I can't see her letting her girls get close to me again or even letting me around them if she didn't have intentions of wanting to get back together. I'm the one who left so I know I'm going to have to bring it up as I can't expect her to since I'm the one who messed up. Does anyone have opinions on if it sounds like she wants to try again or should I live and learn and let go. My grandma told me that sometimes you have to lose something you love before you can truly appreciate it and that sometimes two people have to fall apart before they find how good they fit together and I see now how right she is!! Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated as if I do ask for her back I've got to do it before it's to late


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  • It sounds like you are going to have to make yourself vulnerable and just ask her clearly where the two of you stand.
    The hard part is she has likely lose a lot of trust in you.

    Check out Gary Chapman's five languages of apology to help you make amends.


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