What should I do after my break up?

I'm trying to figure out the best thing to do, should I block him on social media, delete our photos together, dump everything that reminds me of him, even if it hurts me?


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  • I never understood the whole block them on everything after a breakup. It's still memories and experiences that shape you into who you are the next day; do you really want to get rid of those?

    Now if he keeps pestering you on social media then sure block him. but as for gifts and photos and such? I'd say keep them. If they're on Facebook or whatever, make them private if it helps.

  • i only block cheaters. but to be fair if it was mutual then i let it be. if it pains you and you are trying to move on, do whatever that makes you comfortable.

    i threw everything and deleted anything from my first breakup. then came my 2nd breakup and i just privated everything. I've learned to cope with heartbreaks and so can you.


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