Dated a girl over a year ago, now I think this girl is catfishing me?

Got poked on facebook recently by a fake profile and I think it might be a girl (21, I'm 28) who I dated over a year ago, who I knew was obsessed with me, and had even accidentally revealed she'd stalked my social media accounts prior to meeting her...

The profile shows a hot chick from "Reno, NV" who's name is a male tv character who weirdly I've been told is my doppleganger, because he plays a pro baseball player, like myself... the profile was created March 14 2016, 4 days after me and this girl I dated stopped talking due to mixed signals and game playing... I got poked the day after I became friends with a girl she happened to go to high school with... **odd thing is girl i dated last year mentioned her dad was from Reno, NV... which is hella far from Rhode Island where we're from... **during the fbook chat convo w/ the poker, she mentioned she's from Reno and in NYC for the summer for work...** I look up the chick I dated from year ago on linkedin, and turns out she's in NYC this summer interning... anyone have a suggestions what I should do? All the status updates are about unrequited love and from March 14, 2016 (but each edited to look like June, July, August etc.)... I'm like very sure its her, cause she's the only chick I met at that time... and I still have feelings... should I reach out to her and play dumb when she's the one who ignored me last?


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  • She must have a knife between her legs. Get away from her


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  • If you think it will be a fun game play it. Personally I'd drop her like a hot potato.


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