Why hasn't he got in touch. Is he playing games?

Met my ex last Saturday after not seeing me since November. He has kept in touch since, but he was the one that let the relationship go because he can't handle the responsibility of a relationship. (This is what I'm guessing, as he never really told me). He couldn't believe I'm single and while we were out he said yes when someone asked if I am his girl.

He held hands with me at his, we kissed. He said he doesn't really know why we broke up. He said he hasn't slept with anyone since & he likes his own space. He was hurt that I'd slept with someone else.

He still has my rose body cream by his shower, even though I hadn't seen him in ages. He brought it with him when he moved to the upstairs flat, even though we'd split up.

The next day he was happy I canceled my plans & we went to the park & spent the whole day together. He said he wants to see me again & he'll text me, but he hasn't. Is this a bad sign?

Maybe he just wants his hold on me because I'm the only girl who took the time to get to know him. He's 34 soon and very much a loner. At that age, you should know what you want.


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  • Why did you break up initially?

    • Because he drifted away. He can't handle a relationship. I'm the closest girl to him in his life, but it's like he's lonely, but doesn't want to make the effort with relationships and doesn't know how to be in one, or want to be responsible for anyone.

      I was thinking of sending him this:

      "Seeing you was nice, but a mistake. This is why we didn't see each other for 9 months. Nothing has changed. I hope you find a girl that wants the same things you do and the same for me Not talking marriage and kids. Just someone who's there for me. Maybe we should just keep the past in the past. I hope we both find what we want. xx" He keeps contacting me & we met up, but nothing has really changed. We're not right for each other.

    • I think that's perfect!

    • Well I sent it on Monday. Didn't go through till Wednesday. He read it & replied yesterday, saying "So sorry, I've only just got internet. x couldn't reply" & he text me again later saying "I haven't had internet since I saw you. Seriously."

      He didn't address what I said though so...:/

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