Is there a rule on waiting?...Guys Help Please

This may sound dumb, but if you're arguing with someone of the opposite sex, and they have upset you, and you two end up not talking for about a month, should there be a certain time frame to give in, or let go? I've been wanting to talk to him, but I feel that he may not want to talk anymore because of how long it's been. It was a friends with benefits type of relationship, and the argument was really dumb, but since that's all it was(fwb), should I just let it go? Obviously I feel the need to talk to him again because I've been thinking about him constantly but then again I feel that he would've called if he felt the need to re-connect. Guy help?


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  • Well if it's been an entire month, he really doesn't care about you too much. I personally would let it go, because this seems like a guy that really doesn't care about you. If he did, he would have apologized first. So personally, I would let it go

    Hope this helps!

  • Listen, if this little piggy that you've been oinking is closed off to the idea of reconciliation, then he's a gigantic turd, and you're better off knowing that sooner rather than later.


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