I ignored his texts but now I want to speak to him?

An ex messaged me the other day asking if we could be friends. This guy had messed be about a lot in the past and upset me but I am over it now and see no future relationship for us, that said I do care about him and do want to be friends. I replied and we got talking. He asked to meet up but then cancelled on the day apologising asking if we could rearrange. I told him not to bother. He apologised again, to which I ignored. He then messaged me the next day, which I also ignored. Now I feel a bit bad for not being more understanding (I just felt it was last minute and s shit excuse). I do want to be friends, just friends, nothing more. Its been a couple of days now and I feel like I can't just randomly reply now. Should I just leave it?


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  • Sounds like you guys still have feelings for each other but it angers either one of you to admit it. I feel as if their was a lot of hatred in the past from intense fights. "Tough love" they call it. Just hit em up.


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  • write something like "sorry i needed time to think about everything"


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