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so the question is about my ex.. we broke up but we still message each other sometimes.. he doesn't like my pics on facebook or instagram, but he keeps checking my insta strories.. what does that mean?


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  • To him, probably nothing. Why did you break up? Was it your decision? ie, did he want it to? Why are you still talking to each other? It's great if you're both on the same page and not upset with each other at all but this doesn't sound like the case at all, not with him anyway. I'd maybe consider cutting off ALL ties with him as maybe he hasn't "moved on" yet.

    • we broke up because of distance.. and everytime we message each other we end up'falling in love' with each other again.. then he breaks every contact with me because like he says'he doesn't want to be hurted because of loving me' ... he never posts pics of him and his girlfriend in social medias but i did it before few days and after short time he did the same

    • And by "doesn't like", do you mean he just doesn't react, or actually dislikes them? Yeah in this particular situation... if you guys can't make it work because of distance, you're best to break off ALL contact with him I think. Because what good is coming from staying it touch? Nothing other than hurt feelings because you guys "fall in love" but yet, can't be together.

    • He doesn't react at all.. yeah i think that is the best Thing to do

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