I'm married with 2 daughter but my wife?

I want to get it a divorce from my wife she yells all the time she doesn't keep up with the house anytime that she does do anything that is nice she'll be throwing it in your face 15 minutes later and be mad at you the rest of the day because she wasted her time or money on it not really appreciated of anything that I do and if she is she definitely doesn't show it she can't keep up with my sex drive she doesn't even really have one but we still ended up having some kids her method of parenting is sitting on the couch talking on her Facebook yelling at him across the room at the top of her lungs okay maybe not the top of her lungs because I've heard her go a lot louder but still yelling at the kids from across the room time and time again me personally when I have to discipline my kids I tell him once I get up buster but make her do it anyway this is the first time I've been married and I've always been told that divorce is so expensive because well it's worth it and I'm actually starting to see that little bit but the question is is even with all that I have told you being said even though we have kids together should I continue living a life of misery for them or does that or does it make me selfish for wanting to get out of the relationship and doing everything that I can to spend what time I will get with my kids because I won't be able to get custody because of this State's rules I mean I'm not trying to be the deadbeat dad to turn around get tired of the girl and turn around and leave the kids I want my kids in my life that that's important to me anyhow to the point where enough my blabbering I just want to know if I'm getting an wanting to have a divorce in the situation makes me selfish or not I have a lot of people telling me that I'm just being selfish I need to suck it up stick with it but after 4 years she doesn't seem like she's making a single bit of change at all to work as a team


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  • Aahhh! So hard to read!
    Are your kids happy? If they aren't happy and you're not you need to leave. Kids need to come first. Have you tried talking to her? I'm sure you have. If she had full custody what kind of life would your girl have?

    • That is my bigest issue I dont think the kids are old enough to know the difference. I had an abusive childhood and o dont want my kids to have anything like I did. I think they are content but not happy

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    • @timeburner Your excuse is because you were driving which is unsafe. If it was that important to you then you should have pulled over to somewhere safe and done this there.

    • @timeburner Was meant to go under a differenot opinion.

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  • Fuck her, Get a divorce. No one deserves to be trapped like that.


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  • Congratulations on making me completely breathless in try to read this without any punctuation marks, full stops or paragraphs.

    • yeah my voice program sucks on my phone it doesn't do any punctuations and I'm driving down the road so there's nothing I can do about it

    • Thank you for the MHO.

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  • The lack of punctuation and the wording made it hard to read.


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