I can't get over my ex?

we dated for almost 4 months and broke up twice. he ended it because he can't handle being in a relationship. it was back in the beginning of May and he's a senior in High school (I'm a freshman in college) now. how do I get over him.
side note: it was only 4 months but it was a really affection filled relationship.


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  • I would think about focusing on yourself, before jumping into another relationship.
    It will hurt, but you will be glad you done It as you will an individual that will be able to select her next partner.


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  • Just hate him trust me it worked for me. Think of every bad thing he's ever done. And just hate him I promise you it works. AFTer w hile you feel it


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  • find someone more handsome than him.. so the jerk should realise what he lost.


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