Long distance relationship advice and break advice?

so let me first start off that me and this guy have been together for a year 1/2 and we're both 20. we live 7 hours away from eachother, it's been a great but things have gone way off between us recently. We were too busy for eachother because our schedules are completely different. I've tried to talk to him numerous of times about the communication issue and how we can try to fix it but All he can say is "idk". It gets frustrating but we eventually talk it out. But this past month he wanted to take a break, I asked him why he couldn't even explain himself, he just kept saying that it was hard to be in a long distance relationship and I understood but at the same time I explained to him that if we communicated more, it could really help. So we decided to not take one and it was going good for like a good 2 weeks then it started happening again, lack of talking, and I even confronted him about it. I didn't threaten to break up or anything. Just told him like "we need to talk more". Ever since I told him that it's really been distant like our texting and everything and one day he texted me saying "Honestly we need to take a break". At this point I was very frustrated not only due to the fact that we haven't even been talking or whatever, but also due to the fact of his reason. It broke me and confused me and left me wondering did I do something wrong for him to feel this way. His reason? " I just want to be single for a bit " "I don't want to be in a relationship rn". when he told me that I just agreed and told him whatever. I didn't even want to try to work it out. I don't know why he feels like this. I know people need their space and stuff, but its like I can't just block off a year and a half from my mind. I really love him, and it sucks because he offered that we could be friends, and initially I ignored it because I was pissed. But after a week I texted him saying that I'm still down to be friends. And then after that I haven't heard from him since.
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Update: Yes I have met him in person more than 1 one time. We met at a concert and at first we were friends and getting to know eachother for like 6 months then we eventually decided to start dating after. We both knew what we were getting into from th start we started talking to eachother.
Long distance relationship advice and break advice?
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