Help, found a duck.

OK so I don't know it someone owns it because this guy does own them but it also might be wild. Anyways at first I thought the foot was broken but I'm not so sure now. I let it out to see and it ran away but every few steps it rolled on its back without being able to roll back. I googled but can't find an answer. So if you know answer quick.

I'm asking if anyone knows what's wrong with it.
OK so I'm going to take it to Deanna Rose petting zoo they'll fix it up..btw the leg isn't broken I let it swim around in my pool for a while and it seems fine the only thing is that when it flips over it can't get back to right position.
They won't take him but they gave me a # but they won't answer and I left a couple of messages
ok hey everyone thanks for your advice I took her to a place called lakeside and they are going to email me to tell me who she's doing. Then they are going to release her to the wild when she gets better. I just hope I gave them the right email addy.


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  • Aww.. Ducky.

    Look I don't know what is wrong with it. It does sound like the duck is injured. What I can say for sure is that you should look into seeing a professional about this. Try going to a vet, or a humane society, maybe a pound or something. Some place that specializes in animals. Heck maybe the zoo. Try getting it in a box or cage or some kind of carrying kennel or something, like you see people carrying dogs or cats in, and try transporting the little fella to some places to see what professionals think. Heck maybe one of these people will take the animal themselves or maybe they'll give you tips on how to nurse the duck back to health yourself. If so you gotta admit that this would make an interesting pet.

    Anyway this is all I can think to offer you for advice on this. Maybe you'll be able to help this guy. Maybe not. for now just try the things I suggested, and if it works out let me know, if not, then let me know, I'll try to come up with something better. In the mean time, I'm going to talk to a friend of mine who worked as a vet for a while. I'll see if she has any ideas. I hope this works out. I am a real animal lover. Poor little ducky.

    Good luck with this one.


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  • Might be broken. I had a pair of ducks, one with a broken leg. But it sort of slap it about everywhere.

    Contact the guy that owns the other ducks and ask him?

  • Ducks are an invasive species... I'd say find somewhere they'll euthanize it for free.

    • Is that what you would do? Even if there is potential for a full recovery? I think that's completely unnecessary, unless it would be more cruel to allow it to live and die in pain. In the same way that someone might have to euthanize a family pet that is old/dying and suffering. I'm not saying she should keep this duck, but ducks and geese really can make for great pets if you have the means to care for them. I grew up with several geese, and one was like my best friend, 'attached at the hip'.

    • Aww. Geese are kinda cute.

  • That sounds cute.


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  • You should call an animal hospital first to see if there's someone there who can take care of a duck or knows of a specialist. You might have to take it to a wildlife reserve to get treatment. If you can't find a professional, take the duck to the guy you know who owns ducks and see if he knows how to take care of it.

  • its probably got a broken leg/foot or a pain which means it can't keep its balance. I wouldn't know for sure but definitely take it to a vet, they will take it off your hands and do what is best for it :)

  • alright so step number one is to take it to the VET step number two get of this and bring it to the VET step number three listen to the VET


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