Why does he always beg for me back?

me and my ex are always on and off. I do love him but its a complicated relationship and I have a hard time trusting him. every time I try and end things with him he BEGS for me back, is super sweet, that he needs me and loves me so much, etc etc. I always take him back but then we always have problems soon after. what's his deal? I don't get it! why doesn't he just let me go? why does he always beg for me back (but won't change?) help!


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What Guys Said 1

  • That sounds like he actually loves you lol

    If he's had chances to get out of the relationship but still comes back to you, he must really like you. In fact maybe even obsessed lol but take this as a compliment. He likes you a lot

    Hope this helps!

    • Yeah... but I've caught him lying to me a few times. and there was a time where me and him were on a break, but trying to work our relationship out but he liked another girl and was sleeping with her behind my back. a guy wouldn't do that if he really loved you right?

    • Well he probably doesn't love you as much as possible, but he loves you for who you are, and he loves those girls for just the sex lol

What Girls Said 1

  • He likes the sex? If it's not working, just stop taking him back.

    • I know. its so hard to not take him back though :( cause I do love him. I don't think its the sex cause he's very experienced and I'm not because he took my virginity. :/

    • Make a list of the specific things you like about him. It might just be the attention you get from him that you like, not the guy.

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