GUYS: is there ever a time......?

...when you have in your mind that you are truly over a girl and there are no chances left at all. that you EVENTUALLY second guess or come to a realization about your initial choice?


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  • The only time when a girl has zero chances with me and I'm done dealing with her are situations where there's nothing she can do to redeem herself for something she's done to me.

    • Examples?

    • The girl who cheated on me, and I found out because she gave me a CD of pictures of her naked with other guys. Or the girl who abandoned me at the worst possible time, causing me to have the worst day of my life. Those girls are dead to me.

    • Thank you for your point of view. :)

  • Yea, I was really hung up on this girl for almost a yr. I finally realized she was the exact opposite of what attracted me to her in the 1st place. It blew me away how immature she is. I just realized it recently & hit me like a ton of bricks. Kind of sucked really.

    • I can relate to that.

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