How can I move on fast?!

I like this guy, and he knows that I like him.

There was this car wash yesterday, and I asked

my friend to talk to him like, because they're really close.

The friend is a guy. My friend likes this girl, so he was gonna

ask my crush if he knew her, and then he was gonna say 'have you ever met that girl?' and if he said 'not yet' or 'i don't know' he was gonna say 'how about (my name)? And I'm just really nervous, because I still don't know what happened. But like if he said 'yeah, I met that girl' my friend wasn't gonna mention my name at all.

So, what if you know he just mentioned someone else how can I move on before school starts in a month?


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  • Try and find a new guy to go after. That is the only cure for a heartbreak. It doesn't even matter who, just find a new guy to focus your energy on

    • Thank you. I still don't know what he said, but I can guess.

      But that would totally help(:

  • The best way to get over someone is a lot of alcohol and bad decisions but you're too young for that.


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