Does she still love me? Or did she ever love me?

there is this girl that was from my group project. she kept telling me she had no boyfriend, glanced/looked at me very often, and said my name multiple times during the presentation. she would tell me other male friends were only friends. but I started to act weird due to nervousness but I gave her a birthday card hinting my interest in her as well. then she says "it was subtly weird and naive. look buddy, I don't mean to hurt you but you are weird. it's not how you look." I raged and am super confused why would the girl express intense interest if she just rejects me like this? I admit I was weird but I thought our love was strong? how did she lose interest so quickly? did she ever even love me? Later on, i saw her at the library just standing at the table beside me and sat after 2 mins of staring at me. She kept playing with her hair being nervous. Then in hallway she tries to avoid me.
Like, when she talks to me and a lot of girls are nearby. The girls would just giggle. Usually doesn't that mean that the girls have feeling that we liked each other?


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  • Hmm sounds confusing... I advise you to go with your gut instinct. This girl doesn't give me a good vibe at all.

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    • Cool well good luck!

    • Do you believe girls have good judgement on other girls? Like... I get the feeling that other girls in the class had feeling that we both liked each other. The other girls would giggle at me? Like there was this girl who sat behind us. And she would look at me and giggle all the time and she sat beside me sometimes as well when my crush didn't sit beside me?

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