Why can't I just let him go?

I've been flirting with this guy from my university and it kinda turned ugly but I apologized and we're good now, however we won't see each other anymore because he graduated, and that stopped it, whatever it was, completely. I know he didn't think much of it, and I didn't either, I knew it was just flirting but every now and then I miss him, especially when I see him on social media. Is that the healing process or am I getting into him more? How do I stop it?
And please don't tell me to block him or delete him from social media because he's a really good person, he's wonderful as a friend, and I want to be friends with him eventually.


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  • Sometimes it helps to have some time with no contact to reset the connection as friendship.

    It's pretty normal to feel a little nostalgic when seeing pic of an ex or former crush. Time and distance usually deal with that for the most part.


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